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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]


posted by on 30/07/2011

Before we start, I recommend you read my post from last year –  click here. Adulthood has slapped me straight in the face in the last 2 months. I believed last year was my coming of age, quite funny how wrong I was. I feel I’ve grown up a lot since then, clearly changed my perception of the world and direction. My outlook on life is a hell of a lot different. Goals? Still the same. More on the reverse.

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I mentioned last year how I would do everything in my power to make my family proud – truly blessed to be able to do just that in the past 12 months by graduating with a 2.1 and starting my first job straight away. Till I buy them a house and provide them grand kids (not anytime soon!), my work here is incomplete.

I have lost a lot of friends in the past year, some of it down to final year and my busy-ness. People failed to understand why I was busy. Another lesson for me – relationships are key, they should always come first. So for the past few months, I’ve done my utmost best to catch up with friends. A lot of my older friends will always be there, I know that for sure though our interests are completely different nowadays. On the other hand, I have made some great friends and have managed to decipher who my friends are amongst my many acquaintances. All of them are smart, passionate and driven, three things I most admire and am inspired by. You know who are. Surround yourself with people who push you to work harder.

I gave up alcohol in November. That’s probably a significant accomplishment; the decision was sparked by something Jessie J said in our interview about basing your confidence on who you are, not off alcohol and drugs. I realised before every presentation, I’d drink. Heck I would even sneak a drink disguised as coffee into the class. I was far from an alcoholic but I liked the merry-ness to give me the extra bit of confidence whilst presenting. Other than that, I drank socially. Why do we have to? I don’t like the taste. Just a silly social requirement, a lot of people suffer from alcoholism as they use it as a means to forget their troubles for a few hours. Cost? It’s expensive, troubles will still be there and the paralysing hangover. Worth it? Nope, no thank you. Imagine seeing yourself drunk? I don’t think many people would enjoy that sight. Ha I’ve just gone and made myself sound like a bore but trust me, I’m having so much more fun sober.

Last but by no means least, I need to give a shout out to HER. She who has stuck by me for the past 10 months as I’ve gone through times of trial and tribulations – challenge after challenge. She who has inspired me through her love. I don’t want to get cheesy on here though. *sends 3 worded text*

So what’s next for Yin? Let’s just say I’m in for my most exciting year yet. You’ll see the fruits soon.

p.s. One photo from each month of the the past year. Clearly still refining the art of healthy narcissism.