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Assaggetti Restaurant Review

posted by on 29/07/2011

Last week we hit up the recently opened Assaggetti, a nice Italian restaurant just off Haymarket- literally about 2 minutes walk from Piccadilly Station. The restaurant features an amazing menu packed with traditional Italian anti-pasti style plates. Read our review after the break.

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Décor & Location
Assaggetti is quite a small restaurant; décor is quite traditional and the atmosphere is very hang loose which I think makes it a pleasant place to dine in when you fancy having a nice chilled meal after work with friends, date etc..  The location is great, very easy to get to- Piccadilly station is 2 minutes and popular bus routes 453 & 12 serve the bust stop directly opposite.

71 Haymarket
London SW1Y 4RW
Tel: 020 7839 3939

Olives: £1.40

Breadbasket: £1.90

To kick things off, they brought out a breadbasket, an assortment of bread, which included Rosemary Focaccia & Bruschetta. These were nyamed within minutes and then the marinated olives arrived, I was never a big fan of olives but these served me very well. To drink, we tried the Prosecco which I can also confirm was great, a fine cross between champagne and white wine.

Mozzarella: £2.00                                                          Beef Carpaccio: £4.50

Stuffed Artichokes & Peppers: £2.50

We moved unto the anti-pasti menu and started out with the Mozzarella, Beef Carpaccio and Stuffed Artichokes and Peppers. I didn’t like the Mozzarella simply because it was way too creamy, I don’t really like food as such however the presentation was very appetising. The Beef Carpaccio on the other hand I liked, seasoned slices of beef topped with stripes of Parmesan cheese. I loved the Stuffed Artichokes, they were quite juicy and the peppers were full of flavour.

Marinated Anchovies: £2.50                                       Wild Mushroom Risotto: £4.00

Next we ordered Marinated Anchovies and the Wild Mushroom Risotto. The anchovies were amazing, I don’t usually like them because they can be too salty and don’t go well with other dishes but these had a lot of flavour. I also liked the Risotto because it wasn’t too creamy and it wasn’t dry either, very few places make this dish to MY taste I have come to realise and these guys are one of them! Some mushroom risotto dishes look like a mushroom swamped in porridge however the presentation for this one was great.

Suasage & Cheese Rolls: £2.50                                    Meat Balls: £2.50

Finally we ordered the Meatballs and Sausage & Cheese Rolls. We loved both these plates however the Meatballs were my highlight. Very well seasoned, they come in a ragu sauce and smell amazing; the price is also pretty good as for £2.50 you get three quite reasonable sized meatballs. The Sausage & Cheese Rolls also quite nice, if you’ve ever had the mini meat pies they feel and taste pretty similar.

Spritz with Aperol: £4.50

We drank Prosecco for most of the time until our waiter encouraged us to try the Spitz with Asperol drink. A refreshingly light alcoholic drink perfect for the summer.

Cheesecake & Fresh Berries: £2.50                              Tiramisu: 2.50

At this point eating more food didn’t seem possible but there is always room for dessert! The misus ordered the Tiramisu while I ordered the Cheesecake with Fresh Berries. I was quite impressed with the cheesecake, tasted very soft and fresh- it wasn’t too sweet wither which is how I like. I think some people would prefer to eat it with ice cream just because it can be a little dry with just the berries. I don’t like Tiramisu so I’m biased in saying I hated it however the misus thought it was amazing.

In a nutshell I would definitely recommend this restaurant, the quality of food and the service is top notch. It’s in a great location and the prices are very affordable and well worth the exchange! If you’re ever around Piccadilly and fancy some Italian I would say check out Assaggetti.