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Tyler The Creator – GOBLIN | Album Review

posted by on 31/05/2011

After creating a fan base of over 100,000 screaming “Wolfgang! Wolfgang! Wolfgang! Wolfgang!“. When speaking about Tyler the Creator you can’t have a normal conversation without having the words “controversy” coming up.  The 20 year rapper with many personas, XL Record signee, and Odd Future front man Tyler the Creator  releases his sophomore album titled “GOBLIN“. The 18 track album features  fellow band mates such as Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Jasper Dolphin & Taco and Mike G. Slated to be released May 10th because I couldn’t wait and got myself a copy a tad early and gave the album a listen.  Album review and favorites on the flipside.

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For those unfamiliar with Tyler the Creator and his work then listening to GOBLIN will be a great start to getting acquainted with who he is however to get a better understanding of GOBLIN you would have to listen to Tyler’s first free album Bastard.  The album continues with where left off  in Bastard as Tyler is talking to  his therapist. Download – link


The 15 track album kicks off with “Goblin”. Goblin is Tyler’s raw inner dark thoughts about  life. Everything from his lack of interest religion, relationship with his father, his mother, being disliked, expectations and achieving success. In the song he says “I’m not a fucking role model. I know this. I’m a 19 year old fucking emotional coaster with pipe dreams“. Something you notice when listening his ability to be content with all the things happening to him.


Just listening to the first verse draws you in. “I’m fucking walking paradox, Threesomes with a fucking Triceratops, Reptar rapping as I’m mocking deaf rock stars…”  You catch the aggressiveness in his voice in each line.  Another thing that is really dope about Yonkers is the beat. Listening to the song you are immediately introduced to the bass. The heaviness of the bass is really good. The way it go in and out gives you a sick, psychotic yet twisted feel.


Every time I listen to this song all I can say is “Wolfgang!, Wolfgang! Wolfgang!“. It’s like an anthem. You can’t help but mosh when you hear this song. Sandwitches needs no in depth description because it just that hard however it’s Tyler way of saying “Fuck you“.


Before I listening to the song I already knew it would be good being that it had Frank Ocean. Anything with Ocean on it is always beautiful. Tyler teams up with singer, songwriter, swooner, and Odd Future member Frank Ocean. Tyler talks about his like for a girl which is quite weird because it seems impossible for Tyler to like a girl. He comes off more as I’ll put a girl in a headlock and punch her. But maybe there is a sensitive side of him we just don’t know about with a different name.


Her is another good song where Tyler displays a different side of himself– a guy who likes,  a guy who has feelings, a guy who wants the cheesy movie dates and the long walks on the beach. Tyler goes into details on this girl which he has feeling for but the only problem is she’s a girl he will never get. It’s either she off with guys he hates, they’re semi-broken up or she’s back with her guy. As well as that, the girl he likes is not the girl next door but  he looks pass that. He wants to listen to her talk, webcam and “enter her world”, he wants take her away her problems.


Despite the album out their lyrics the the lyrics and remarks made. Goblin is  quite a listen. It’s an album full of Tyler’s raw deep feelings towards life, his situation with growing notoriety, his experiences (i.e: his father which he often disses, religion his mother and feeling like he should of been aborted, his childhood, friends, the want of  a girlfriend). But what is interesting is the fact that the whole album is from the perspective of him speaking to his therapist. Another thing you catch on to in the album is the contradictions which works great. Tyler knows he has fucked up ways. He admits it however he still give you the “Fuck you, Suck my dick…” vibe but he doesn’t care to change. It’s almost like Tyler is having a conversation with him, his conscience, and his therapist. But what really draws you in is the fact that it is real. It’s from the mind of at the time a 19 year old Tyler. Probably still shares the same views however it’s real, vulgar and raw. Some other good listens on the album are Analog, Radicals, She, Golden, Translyvania, Windows, and Fish.

(Disc 1)

1. “Goblin”
2. “Yonkers”
3. “Radicals”
4. “She” (featuring Frank Ocean)
5. “Transylvania” (produced by Left Brain)
6. “Nightmare”
7. “Tron Cat”
8. “Her”
9. “Sandwitches” (featuring Hodgy Beats)
10. “Fish”
11. “Analog” (featuring Hodgy Beats)
12. “Bitch Suck Dick” (featuring Jasper Dolphin & Taco)
13. “Window” (featuring Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats & Mike G)
14. “AU79″
15. “Golden”


(Disc 2)

16. Burger
17. Untitled 63
18. Steak Sauce