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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Lucozade – Sport Lite Advert

posted by on 12/05/2011

Best thing about university life at LCC is the fact you are constantly surrounded by super creative people all the time. Being around such characters can only motivate and fuel you to do better in your area of expertise. One of my friends is in this advert, well for the last still! it’s the first in a series of adverts so hold tight and you’ll probably see him skating in the next one. He is definitely one of the most multi-talented mofos that I have come across – Jezz is a father, award-winning dancer, graffiti artist/clothes customizer, DJ, producer, tattoo artist and probably more? haha I don’t know, he seems to do everything. Anyway enough complimenting him, time to big up Lucozade on their fantastic visual ad campaigns over the past few years. This one is just as good as the last one featuring Tinie and co. It’s landed in time for the summer, more on the reverse.

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The ad is part of the ‘Yes‘ campaign and it’s equally as innovative, unique and music-led as the last advert which dropped in March featuring Tinie Tempah and Travis Barker. A really clever way to convey the brand’s ethos whilst inspiring people to go out, get fit by doing something active. Enjoying the fun side of sport. The ad features MoS’s DJ Fresh debuting a new song ‘Louder‘ which will be released later this month. It was shot in LA – yes, my friend Jezz got to go there during term *side eyes*. I know why he loved it over there, do you see the main chick? haha. The advert starts off with roller skaters and skateboarders travelling to a skate park where they perform some crazy tricks in front of an audience. Visually stunning. Check it out below.

Tell me you don’t want to go rollerskating in the sun now? #fun