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Pretty Green: Carnaby Street

posted by on 22/12/2010

Today, whilst attempting to complete the annually stressful task of Christmas shopping, I decided to trade the chaos of Oxford St for the relative quietness of Carnaby Street. I guess I wasn’t ready to get my head bashed again by a huge Apple package that had just been bought by some man carrying it on his shoulder. Yes it hurt! More after the cut for the Pretty Green surprise on Carnaby St.

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It seems that every time I visit Carnaby St, I am greeted by a new concept store. Today, I was pleasantly surprised to see Pretty Green- the quintessentially British menswear brand designed and founded by iconic Oasis front man Liam Gallagher.

I entered the store and quickly realized that it was menswear only, yet still spent as much time in the store as I would if it had a womenswear section. The store had huge portraits of Liam Gallagher and signature pieces that provided all the evidence you need to know that Liam Gallagher designed the brand. It is clear he wanted to create a brand for the kind of clothes he has been recognized to wear.

The oversized parkas, fitted polos and well cut sweaters of the Green label reflected the casual side of the brand whilst the tailored coats and suit jackets of the Black label demonstrated the entrenched sophistication that comes with British fashion labels. I particularly loved the Black label red coat.

Call it patriotic, but I felt very British-centric whilst in the store and particularly loved the fact that I was greeted by an assistant who had exactly the same haircut, Manchurian accent and rock-band swagger of Gallagher himself! You really are walking into a Liam Gallagher brand in every way possible.

It is perhaps not a surprise that only after 12 months, Pretty Green clothing has been sold in over 80 countries worldwide. That is with apparently so much more to come from the brand in terms of footwear, boots and denim wear.

Maybe some womenswear may creep into the collection eventually, however somehow I doubt it. There is something about British-centric menswear brands like Barbour, Fred Perry, Hackett and of course Pretty Green that I guess deliberately screams ‘men only’.

The likes of Jermaine Defoe and Joe Cole, who rather unsurprisingly are English players, have taken to Pretty Green like they would an England shirt. Both players have been regularly seen in Pretty Green clothing.

Shortly after my visit, I embarked on The Kooples store that is also on Carnaby St. This store thankfully had some fantastic womenswear. The Kooples, again has a very British edge but was founded by three French brothers.

I already spotted some “must haves” in the womenswear section so I am sure some of you male readers may spot menswear must haves too if and when you visit the store. It is a little pricey but you may be pleased to know that the Kooples sale starts this Thursday 23rd December. Check it out!

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