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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Yang: Time for a detox

posted by on 27/02/2010

So its my first Saturday off work in a long while and what do I do!? Spend the whole bloody day in bed feeling sorry for myself because I thought I was too nice downing glasses of wine and vodka (note to self: NEVER DO THAT AGAIN), at Amika last night!

Started the night out with the usual routine..lateness (yin took too long to do his hair) and a bottle of wine. Every time I go out, something will happen that would potentially stop me from going, I now see these are actually signs from God! Like yesterday Lloyds TSB felt no way to fully block my card on the grounds of ‘fraud inspection’- they are quite simply a parr, they knew I got paid yesterday! Fancy that though- went to the cash point outside the club and it felt like one of them Little Britain moments ‘computer said nooo’; why is the ATM telling me about: sorry your card issuer has not authorised this transaction!? Believe I had to call up the damn bank national number I must add, from my phone and when the customer advisor answered he call he was just taking his time asking 1001 questions, had to advise him I was calling from a mobile phone so he needed to speed up the process about hold for 5 minutes!

So we get into the club and its still quite early, people standing around in awkward segments watching people’s faces. I usually hate these kinds of places because they seem really pretentious and over rated but to be fair the music is always on point a good mixture of house and r&b, sick of the commercial type clubs in Leicester Square as someone would say, all they play is “sexy bitch”- not sure why those DJ’s feel like it’s ok to play the Friends theme tune in a club.. yes you read correctly and yes that is definitely fucked.

I really liked my Blackberry when I first got it, bbm is the one! I now know that it’s actually a device sent from hell to destroy me because I have come to see a massive flaw in the darn thing and that would be the Internet! Why do I think it’s ok to go on to internet banking and transfer money so I can spend even more on alcohol!? It’s a life saver sometimes but not so much when I’m gone enough as it is and I’m there fiddling away at the bar to buy more!

I think its safe to say that the most expensive necessity from university aside from the fees would be alcohol (yes! It is very necessary). We spend untold amounts on alcohol when that money could go towards things that we need but wouldn’t necessarily buy such as books for uni £15 for a JD & Coke when a bottle of JD costs that much in any corner shop or supermarket.. can you say extortion!

I have said this many times but I’m taking a break from alcohol! I am not an alcoholic thanks.. but the amount of times I have gone out, got home at 6am and gotten ready to go to work for 9.30am and then repeated the process is disgusting. Seriously can’t hack that shit anymore; waking up after a pretty brutal night in a house scattered with empty bottles and lifeless bodies to go stand in the fitting rooms selling clothes half asleep is really not a good look.

Which is why I have decided I’m just going be a grandad for the next…few weeks or so  *scratches head*, this way I will save a lot of money and I’ll also get a lot more work done! This is probably one of the least proactive days for me to the point where I started writing this post at around 3pm and its now 11pm and I have fallen asleep at least 5 times.. epic fail