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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Alexander McQueen & Puma

posted by on 11/02/2010

Never been a huge fan of either of these brands but they are both great at what they do and produce some quality footwear together. The new collection looks pretty cool- the style looks very Japanese inspired I quite like the first sneaker (above) but aside from those, I don’t see my self wearing any of the rest. This season they are coming with a mixture of loafers and hi-tops that are definitely more of a McQueen style than Puma.. Check out some more photos

UPDATE: This is f*cked. Alexander McQueen suicided. WHYYYY!?! RIP :(

Rihanna – Rude Boy Official Music Video

posted by on 11/02/2010

Wow the video is so creative and colorful, didn’t expect this many colors because the preview was black & white. It’s definitely one of my favourite songs of her album, she definitely should do more songs with a carribean touch to it. The video does remind me of M.I.A.‘s ish but oh well, it’s well done. Do ya’ll think I’ll ever hate a video Rihanna puts out?

Kid Cudi x David Guetta – Memories Video + TimeoutNY Interview

posted by on 10/02/2010

This song is bonkers, a real club banger like most of David Guetta‘s productions. I pretty much like anything Cudi puts out, he’s so versatile like that. The video is alright; nothing new in-terms of creativity but I do love the naked camera crew in the background, haha. Earlier today, TimeOutNY unveiled their 30 most stylish New Yorkers and guess who made the list? The Cudder, his interview with them and BTS video after the cut.

MJ's Autopsy Results

posted by on 10/02/2010

Was surfing the CNN website and I came across the an article about  the results for Michael Jackson‘s autopsy and it turns out that the charge against Conrad Murray of: Involuntary Manslaughter could be true. The results showed that MJ had overdosed on half dozen different drugs which were given to him by Murray. The autopsy also revealed white patches on MJ’s skin that is a result of his diagnosis of Vitiligo (proves he didn’t turn himself white on purpose), it’s actually quite sad that it took his death to prove this..

The Man Your Man Can Smell Like

posted by on 10/02/2010

Oh my god, Old Spice? Ya’ll must remember this aftershave brand from your childhood days! I’m sure one of your uncles used to use this. The one thing that always reminded me of the brand is the logo is the Blue Peter-esque logo hah. Anyway this latest advert from them is hilarious; Old Spice is telling women how their man could potentially smell like if they used their products. I think it’s clever campaign as I for one has always associated Old Spice with old man image but I think that images goes well with this campaign. I definitely think it’s a good angle for Old Spice to involve women in this campaign, adverts after the cut.


posted by on 10/02/2010

Sorry it has been a busy weekend for me hence the lateness of this post. I’ll kick start things with a dope Kid Cudi joint, it was a demo that came out before his album but here it is in fully mastered version. Links and more songs after the cut.

Rihanna – Rude Boy | Official Video Preview

posted by on 09/02/2010

This sneak peak of Rihanna‘s latest music video for her latest single ‘Rude Boy‘ just dropped and I must say it looks pretty dope. I can see all the people comparing this to Lady Gaga which I don’t understand why as Gaga just came into the scene about an year and a half ago? Rihanna has been around for over 5 years and she’s only 22. The video is directed by Melina and it seems really dark and edgy which is pretty much her look for her latest album. More after the cut.

Where Three Dreams Cross Exhibition

posted by on 09/02/2010

My friend tipped me off about this exhibition that just kicked off at the Whitechapel Gallery which is just outside Aldgate East Station in East London. The exhibition called ‘where the dreams cross’, it commemorates 150 years of photography from India (where my family are from), Bangladesh and the next country next to us. It gives us a visual insight into how the countries have shaped up since their independence and how photography has developed in those years. The show will run until April 11th 2010 and will showcase over 400 different works.

Wale – Pretty Girls Music Video

posted by on 09/02/2010

DC Rapper Wale just released his video for his latest single ‘Pretty Girls,’ it’s definitely one of the better songs from his album. Definitely a video for the dudes, full of eye-candy. The song is majorly catchy and the hook is pretty infectious. Video after the cut, enjoy.

Wrangler's Interactive Site For Blue Bell SS10

posted by on 08/02/2010

Wrangler wield quite a cunning plan to promote their sub-brand: Blue Bell’s new Spring/Summer collection in the form of an interactive website whereby users can direct the Wrangler models actions through dragging and clicking their mouse. The new collection is quite cool with chinos and vintage denim giving a classic 1950s look. Have a look at the site here, I think its a genius way to advertise their collection, people can interact with the products- normally viewing clothing on sites you don’t really see what you are buying in much detail but with this site you get an all round view of everything, more photos…