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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Throwback Thursday

posted by on 18/02/2010

We’ve been a bit busy in the past few days, deadlines are getting closer going out and updating the site is becoming harder due to time constraints. We went to the Jay Electronica gig last night, I’ll write a proper post on that in a bit. My choice for this week is classic guitar track; Carlos Santana…after the jump!

Diary Of A Super Bitch: Brits 2010

posted by on 17/02/2010

I could conjour up some nonsense about how I’m infact not a bitch just merely opinionated with super low bullshit tolerance, however that’s not the case! I am a bitch and super good at it. If you don’t like it, I just don’t care! Now this isn’t anything that your used to, out of the ordinary, slightly unusual but I’m sure you’ll get used to it, infact let’s just refer to it as constructive criticism, how bout that.

Coca Cola 'Happiness Machine' Campaign

posted by on 17/02/2010

Coca Cola just released their new campaign which is entitled ‘The Happiness Machine.’ It’s a spin-off from last year’s Happiness Factory campaign but this time it involves people and in this case they have chosen college students. The students go to buy a Coke and they will end up with more than just one, sometimes 10 or a twenty foot sub, a pizza and even flowers. A Coca-Cola vending machine is transformed into a machine that delivers “doses” of happiness. It’s a smart ambient idea, video after the jump.

UPDATE!! B.E.P Premier: Imma Be Rockin' That Body

posted by on 16/02/2010

Yesterday you saw a preview to this video, today I bring you the full clip! Imma Be” and “Rock That Body” remixed under new title “Imma Be Rocking That Body”.The video commences with Will-I-Am explaining his vision on where the group will be within the next millennium and ‘Fergie-Ferg’ is not havin’ none of it and takes off leaving B.E.P pissed! The video is great but its 10Mins long which is a slight drawback! But I’m really impressed, it features a futuristic concept that shows originality that is B.E.P/ Fergie looks HAWT! What you think?

Ten Of Yang's Favourite Tunes!

posted by on 16/02/2010

Its so hard to narrow down the millions of tunes out there to your favorites, especially just ten! But my lecture is dry so I’m gonna do it anyways; the tunes I pick now are the ones that make me wanna drop a skank there and have major plays on my iTunes! Enjoy..

A Night At The Emirates

posted by on 16/02/2010

Beautifully shot. Visiting the Emirates on a weekly basis is a form of escapism for many, it’s like visiting another world. A world where all of one’s personal problems are forgotten for 90 minutes. I’ll stop there as I will be writing a whole essay about that topic for my University work soon so I don’t want to get caught for plagiarism even though I wrote it myself! The cameraman manages to beautifully capture the feelings and not just the visuals of the Emirates during Match Day thus giving us a great experience from the perspective of the fans. One love. One Arsenal.

Mishka Spring Collection 2010

posted by on 16/02/2010

I’ve always liked Mishka‘s style, they capture that edgy and vintage look in all their photoshoots. In this collection, Mishka drew inspiration from back in the day being a “defiant teenager/ snot nosed stubborn bad ass” and generally thinking you’re too nice! I really like the photoshoot, the models look cool, young and chilled giving the brand an all round relaxed persona. I quite like the concept of using youth culture as the focus of the campaign by slightly glamourising it and therefore appealing to a younger audience. Check out the shoot…

Wireless Festival 2010

posted by on 15/02/2010

None another than the HOV himself, Jay-Z returns to Hyde Park for this year’s Wireless Festival. Other acts that are already confirmed in the lineup include Mr. Hudson, Temper Trap, Pink, The Tings Tings and The Gossip. Pretty sure there will be plenty more acts added to the lineup soon, last year Kanye and most of the G.O.O.D. music family showed up. Tickets will sell out fast so get yours here.

Vector Mania

posted by on 15/02/2010

Meet Rambo,  you’re probably thinking ‘wtf?’  but that’s what he calls himself on Facebook and that is where I stumbled across his mind-blowing vectors. He’s from South London, Brixton to be precise and currently works for renowned Architecture company, Zaha Hadid creating vectored building and furniture design. I’ve attached some of his work after the cut for ya’ll to see, trust me you will step back and say ‘woah’

Maestro Knows MK(13) T-Shirt Launch

posted by on 15/02/2010

This one is strictly for fans of Levi Maestro. I am definitely one and should be coppin mine tonight, support him! his videos in the past year have inspired me so much, this dude has his head screwed on right and knows exactly where he’s going in life. Infact, I was lucky enough to speak to him via Skype a few days ago when he tweeted asking for fans skype usernames and me being the fanboy that I am replied with mine. More after the cut & info on t-shirt launch.