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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Y-3 Autumn/Winter 2010 | First Look

posted by on 21/02/2010

So here’s the first look at the Y-3 A/W 2010 collection. The new collection reminds me very much of Uniqlo before the whole J+ series; it’s the colours and the styling of the shoot. I quite like this, its very different but very Japanese who pretty much are the pioneers in fashion! Since last season, I’ve been feeling like fashion is just becoming All Saints as every other shop you walk into you would find a cheap knock off! This is still the case but not in this collection, it’s nice to see there is still some new material out there. The combination of all your must have winter wear and Y-3‘s elaborate collection of sneakers in my opinion puts these guys in a good position in the sports fashion market. Check out the collection..

Big Picture: Chinese New Year

posted by on 20/02/2010

It’s been almost a week since the start of the new Chinese Lunar New Year. It was also the beginning of their Spring Festival which embarks celebrations and observations by ethnic Chinese and others around the world. Unfortunately I didn’t have time this week due to work and university to join in the festivities but Boston Big Picture once again delivers a beautiful photo diary of the festivities that took place all over the world. I’ve got love for my orientals, infact I’m thinking about an oriental chick right now *ahh* flipside for photos of the start of the Year of the Tiger.

Jay-Z on The Jonathan Ross Show

posted by on 20/02/2010

Ahaha. He always cracks me up when he visits the Jonathan Woss show! Ross always tries to go that one step too far by asking him questions about his wife Beyoncé but it never works. Trust me, watch the whole clip as the end was the best part, enjoy folks.

Yen&Yong at London Fashion Week

posted by on 19/02/2010

As you may already know our sister site, Yen&Yong launched earlier this week and they’re already on their grind by giving ya’ll comprehensive coverage of London Fashion Week which kicked off earlier today. I think we’ll drop by a few shows next week but we won’t be able to give you any real analysis on the fashion-y details as we’ll spend most of the time mesmerized by how ‘peng‘ the models are. So fashion-heads jump over to their site right now.

Sewn From The Soul

posted by on 19/02/2010

The boys over at Street Etiquette have just unveiled a new project, Sewn From The Soul. As it’s Black History Month, Joshua and Travis decided team up with 5 of their friends to pay homage to the style and aesthetic to a handful of influential and omost stylish black personalities of the past. This is a beautifully stylish tribute, can’t wait to see more from these guys!

YenYong: RE-BEL

posted by on 19/02/2010

YenYong is excited about the launch of new Magazine RE-BEL. Created by Fashion London Designers of  Jaiden Rva James Jaiden Jeremy James And Rasharn Agyemang, RE-BEL magazine will be innovative in giving new designers a platform to showcase their work, something that YenYong fully applauds and supports! Issue one is free and out NOW!  Be sure to pick up a copy!

Android Homme Propulsion II Zinc

posted by on 19/02/2010

Been a while since I’ve seen new material from Android Homme but going back to the hi top design they first dropped in 2009, the Propulsion II now comes in a shiny new zinc colour-way, the upper is made of leather, and the white mid sole grounds these in true sneaker style. Obviously not available in the U.K but you can get them here (limited edition so better hurry)- shipping and tax is nuts but the shi* on there is well worth it browse the collection there are loads of different colour ways!

The Impossible Cool

posted by on 19/02/2010

This takes street style to a whole new level. This is the type of film I’d like to shoot one day when I finally buy a Canon MKII or borrow Yang’s D90. I love it, the snow adds to the ‘cool’ effect. Rather inspiring video both in terms of style and filming. This is most definitely impossibly cool.

Last Night: Jay Electronica @ Jazz Cafe

posted by on 18/02/2010

Last night, we popped down to Jay Electronica‘s first live gig in the UK at Camden’s Jazz Cafe. As always the main artist takes a hell of a long time to show up, it’s a common thing for these American artists  but it was worth the wait as he tore it down in London Town. Before he came on there were a few support acts, one of which was Klashnekoff (remember him?) and some chick called Fatima. More after the cut.

Award Tour – Long John Beanies

posted by on 18/02/2010

The Award Tour never disappoints, this time they hit us with their spin on the classic Long John beanies. I for one love hats and beanies are a must this season as our weather over here is just too unpredictable. The beanies come in four grand colorways and each one features 100% American knit construction with a heavy duty ribbed cuff. As always they’re limited, only 120 were produced in total and they will be available  on their webstore this Friday, February 19th at 6:00 PM EST which is 11:00 PM here in the UK. Caps aren’t going to protect your ears brethren!