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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Throwback Thursday: 80s Funk

posted by on 25/02/2010

No! It wasn’t our parents who put us up to this one because I know you’re thinking “I know it’s Throwback Thursday but why are they posting these ancient tunes”. Well we love those tracks or should I say ‘Numbas’ our parents used to skank to in their heydays.The 80′s was a time of extravagant fashion senses and people luvin’ up ‘boggie-ing’ scene. These tunes are real funky, I actually caught my mum skankin out in the kitchen one time (yes I did join her) while she was wackin’ up some Jollof Rice!

"Seckilling" The New Ebay?

posted by on 24/02/2010

You might think you can grab a quick bargain from ebay but trust me it’s nothing compared to the new online shopping phenomenon that the Chinese have called ‘Seckilling’. The new trend already safe to be called a God send saw a university student grab a flat worth over £75,000 for a mind boggling 10 pence! 2010

posted by on 24/02/2010

Kanye West has finally unveiled the fresh new look for his infamous blog. Straight away you notice the newly renovated site is a lot cleaner and features bigger blog images but the navigation is a bit of a pain. Most people won’t even notice it at the top with that photo of a half-naked Amber Rose. *drools* Click the image after the cut.

ALife Spring 2010 Collection

posted by on 24/02/2010

The ALIFE Spring 2010 collection has just dropped and to me it’s very clean cut. I’ve always loved their simple logo tee as their typography is quite bold and eye catching. This season titles include OG, Grand, Antique A, NY Crack, Cherry Pie, Me & You, and Pop. Each is offered in several color options. I’m definitely liking the ‘me & you, both’ long sleeve tops. Sneakers wise, they have an extensive range of canvas and cursive Everybody Lows, lux suede and lux leather Everybody Highs as well as Indoor Highs, Indoor Lows, Shell Toe Heys, Public Estate Mids, Chuck Toes, Kennedy Highs, Public Navals, Chuck Navals and more. I quite like most of the smarter looking footwear, especially the earthy tones that are featured. A few years ago I’d hate those colors…what is happening to me?! full collection after the cut.

Laughing Boy Stand-Up Comedy 8th March

posted by on 23/02/2010

Jamie Howard is damn funny. I haven’t really liked many stand-up acts in recent years as most just recycle old jokes! Russell Peters, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock have always been the best ones. I’m a fan of this next dude though, he’s been around in the UK stand-up scene since 2008; well that’s when I first spotted him. Anyway he’s hosting a stand-up comedy night next month in Bricklane, East London. I’ve added a few clips of him after the jump.

Durex Type Sex Campaign

posted by on 23/02/2010

Durex + Typography = Type Sex. They’re last campaign with the balloons was absolutely hilarious and this one is just as good. The new campaign consists of print ads which features silhouettes of people in sex positions. The silhouettes are created using typefaces and the words x-ray the inner feelings during the act with Durex. The campaign communicates the umm ‘joy’ that comes along with Durex and the idea is for the poster to demonstrate it without actually telling it. I’m pretty sure ya’ll got the idea just by looking at it. More posters after the jump.

We Are The World (YouTube Edition)

posted by on 23/02/2010

I’ll be honest here, I didn’t really like the new all star 25 for Haiti single which featured the likes of Justin Bieber, Miley to Kanye and Drizzy. I just felt with that amount of talent on showcase I kind of expected them to use that talent to create something new and not just remake a classic which shouldn’t have been touched. I guess it’s okay because it is a charity single after all but it’s a damn shame. Anyway back to this video, 25 YouTube singers from around the world have united via the Internet. This is beautiful, I much prefer this to the single that was put out. Now back to essay writing *sighs*…video after the cut.

Shawalin Is DEDICATED To Sam's

posted by on 23/02/2010

They say there is hope for everyone with autotune.. and its true! This has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the internet in a long time. Anyone from East London knows that Sam’s is the one, back in the day that 2 for 2 offer was niiice! All jokes aside, I ain’t gonna lie-  Sam’s do the best hang over food EVER, it’s all about staggering back from them skankin sessions at Yoyo’s and then into Sam’s for some sexy fried chicken. One time the way Yin and I refused McDonalds because we expected Sam’s to be open, why did we embark on that long journey from west only to be crying outside a bolted shut Sam’ disappointing. OK, that was slightly excited but it seems someone shares even more enthusiasm on this subject (no he is not sane!). So much so that he’s even written a song for it called ‘Dedication’. Now I must warn you, this is awful but its really entertaining.. Enjoy


posted by on 21/02/2010

I’m writing this post on the way to work, my iPod died. My headphones are now ear muffs. I’ll kick start things this week with a song by Hip-hop duo, U-N-I and it features R&B singer, Miguel. You know what to do…

Weekly Adspiration

posted by on 21/02/2010

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while. I wish my university course had more ‘fun’ stuff like analysing real adverts as well as filming more of our own. Some of the adverts I’ve seen over the years are so genius, It makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to produce adverts of that standard after I gain a degree? SMH. I won’t get into the whole university degree and creative talent argument that can be saved for another post! adverts on the flipside.