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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Wholesome* Store – Shoreditch

posted by on 26/01/2010

All you fresh kids should go over to Shoreditch and checkout Wholesome, a brand new streetwear store that just been open for just over a month. The design of the store itself is nice but anyway, it’s all about the products they have on offer. They have a good range of American streetwear brands such as 10 DEEP, Crooks & Castles, Mishka, Rogue Status, Staple, Supra, The Hundreds and many more. I personally haven’t popped down to the store but I will do sometime this week, they have a few good deals going, more info on them & location after the jump.

Paul Smith Fall/Winter 2010

posted by on 25/01/2010

This season the checks are clearly a focus point for Paul Smith as their fall/winter collection sports simple and classy designs. Paul Smith has always kept the clean cut and fitted approach towards fashion- a traditional British style that consists mainly of tailored style jackets, shirts and suiting. Here are some photos of their new collection..

Time Lapses By…Philip Bloom

posted by on 25/01/2010

Stumbled across a video on Vimeo created by Director/Filmmaker Philip Bloom. This is sooo dope, he filmed a time-lapse video of a rather beautiful city scape in Dubai over a 5 day period! I can’t imagine how much space it took to film this in high definition! Thought I would share it with you, enjoy!

Monday Morning Inspiration: Street | Talk NY EP1&2

posted by on 25/01/2010

London based Street | Talk are currently across the pond in NYC for their current series of online shows. This latest episode they catch up with 19 year old entrepreneur & college student, Philip Anannd. I featured an interview with him a few months ago if ya’ll remember.  He runs his own blog/clothing line, The Award Tour, it’s really dope. His blog posts are always a good read and I like how he promotes his line with his insightful posts, it’s like he’s selling us a lifestyle. This kid really has his head screwed on right, I need to step up my game. Episode 1 & 2 after the cut.

Kymberlee Jay's Serious About Street Dance

posted by on 25/01/2010

Last night, we were lucky enough to attend Kymberlee’s Serious About Dance showcase at the IndigO2 and we had press passes! so we had backstage access and at one point, we were even on the stage alongside the crews getting ready to go on. We got the O2 for around 6:30 to get our press passes then headed towards Nando’s to get some fried chicken but we should have known better as dance event means ethnic people which in turn means a massive queue! haha. Photos on the flipside.


posted by on 25/01/2010

This week has been dominated by Haiti Relief efforts, even in the music industry. Loads of singers have been releasing singles to raise aid money, one must question how much of the money actually goes to the people instead of industry heads SMH. Anyway going to start things off with a dope track by Jay-Z, Bono (U2) and my future ex-wifey, Rihanna. Songs and links after the cut.

Lego Click Video

posted by on 24/01/2010

Stumbled across this awesome video created using LEGO bricks, it’s about that single moment of inspiration when everything just clicks. ‘Ever wonder where big ideas come from? If you’re a fan of LEGO bricks, eureka moments, or guys with odd mustaches, you really should see this. Great ideas just CL!CK’ Video after the cut.

Ashley Greene Zero Clothes + SoBe

posted by on 24/01/2010

Twilight star Ashley Greene gets semi-naked for SoBe’s ‘Lifewater’ campaign. SoBe produce enhanced water, juces and teas aimed mostly at women. The campiagn consists of several print ad’s featuring the hottie’ posing on the beach sporting SoBe body paint. Aside from how hot Ashley looks in this shoot I quite like the intensity of the photos- colours look soft and blend well together. Loads more photos after the jump..

Converse Chuck Taylor Fall/Winter 2010

posted by on 23/01/2010

I’ve never been a big fan of them to be honest, only recently bought my first pair which I have worn about 4 times. It doesn’t suit my look especially with my fringe, I don’t want to get called an emo kid. I’ve rarely seen changes made to the Chuck Taylor model but this time they’ve switched it up by losing the white toebox and coming in a completely solid color. The classic canvas material has also changed to nubuck. These won’t drop till late this year so ya’ll got to wait a fair bit. So far 3 colorways have been unveiled, photos after the cut.

Photography By Gavin Bond

posted by on 23/01/2010

Gavin Bond is probably one of the luckiest dudes alive. Not because he’s one of the best living portrait and fashion photographers, not because he’s a graduate of Central St. Martin’s but because he’s the lucky photographer who gets to shoot backstage at the annual Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Show which is known to be the most flamboyant of runway shoes. I’d kill to be just at the show but backstage with all the models, lucky mofo. His photography is amazing, he manages to make these models and celebrities look even better than they usually do. How is that even possible? Photos after the cut. P.S. You know it’s going to be a good post when Adriana Lima & Alessandra Ambrosio are featured in the header.