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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

LSE's Timeless Show

posted by on 31/01/2010

As ya’ll may know I’m a freelance graphic designer, I haven’t been doing much freelance work as of late due to university work taking over my life. I was asked to design a brand identity as well as promotional materials for LSE Timeless show. The show itself takes place next week and you can find more information on it after the cut. The designing process was fairly easy but long at one point as I had to design a banner which was over 2gb in filesize, even my top of the range Macbook Pro had problems editting such a file. More after the cut.

Weekly Adspiration

posted by on 31/01/2010

I’ve picked out 3 of my favourite adverts of the week, one is a HIV awareness campaign. It’s slightly gross but the message gets across pretty well, quite shocking infact. The other is a Nike campaign for the HIV aid campaign, (RED) and the last one is an example of really smart ambient advertising. It may just piss off a few females as it publicly displays their weight at the bus stop but hey, if you’re fat you need to know. Adverts on the flipside.

Dark Landscapes by Nicholas Bouvier

posted by on 31/01/2010

Woah, here are some real dark and mysterious landscape photographs by French photographer, Nicholas Bouvier. He’s one Microsoft’s Senior Concept Artists and you can see why. His photography is so dope, each one is like a still out of Lord of The Rings. Real soul searching and that’s some Sunday morning inspiration for ya’ll. Don’t ask why I’m up at 7am.

Kanye West Rant: Well F*ck Your Coloring Book

posted by on 30/01/2010

Fresh is an opinion, love is objective, taste is selective and expression is my favourite elective

I don’t really care what others think of Yeezy, he’s always been one of my favourite artists. I’ve bought each an every album of his and have all his mixtapes. He’s been on some real aggressive streak for the past few months and I hope he’s been turning all that rage into music. This latest rant is aimed at all the haters; the narrow-minded folks of this world. ‘Well fuck your coloring book’ sounds like an adequate name for his next album/sequel track to ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing.’ Rant after cut.

We Love 2010

posted by on 30/01/2010

I love 2010 and apparently so do these guys. Soleil Noir are a Paris-based creative studio of designers, developers, copywriters, motion and sound designers and they all love what they do. This video was created purely to express their love for what they do. I think it’s pretty fly and fresh, video after the cut.

Kelis = Darth Maul?

posted by on 30/01/2010

The break up with Nas must have made Kelis go loony because I don’t have a clue what she is wearing and I doubt she has justified reason for wearing this. This is something you’d find in Star Wars or on everyone’s favourite weirdo, Lady Gaga. Somebody give this broad a stylist’s number.

The Hundreds – Spring 2010 Footware Collection

posted by on 29/01/2010

Hundreds have just released their Spring 2010 footware (don’t know they spell it this way) collection, it features all their classic models which include the Johnson Mid & Low-Top as well as the Valenzuela. This collection features more earthy colors for the Johnson Mid; Maroon & Olive. Those would go well with khaki’s and denim shirt, it’s perfect for that summery look. The Johnson Low-Top is a bit more adventurous with brighter and stronger colors such as red, green, baby blue and black, all very clean cut. These sneakers should be available on Flatspot real soon. For more photos, hit the jump.

Solo Dolo

posted by on 29/01/2010

I decided to take a random stroll through London earlier this week, starting out in Shoreditch then onto Chalk Farm and finally to the WESC x Slam City event at Carnaby Street. Guess what freebie I got? A boring brown WESC polo! I decided to give it to my dad, real love right there. I did spot across some dope artwork by Obey‘s Shepherd Farley and some Banksy! after the cut for the photos.

Dancing Inmates – Michael Jackson's This Is It Tribute

posted by on 28/01/2010

This is so dope, I’m lost for words. Michael Jackson‘s longtime choreographer Travis Payne and his team visited this maximum security prison in the Philippines. I’d be scared if I were them, never know what half these dudes went in for but all I know is they pulled it off amazingly. Together, impossible is nothing. I recommend you watch the whole thing, video after the cut.

Throwback Thursday

posted by on 28/01/2010

It’s that time again. This week’s Throwback tunes follow after the cut.