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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]


posted by on 20/08/2015

So many people head out on an adventure on their own by taking the plunge and head to a new country by themselves. Whether its a travelling trip or a permanent move, more and more youngsters are taking that leap of faith. I have two friends as we speak who are abroad all alone and as you know our very own Aaron done a round trip of Asia of which he so kindly documented. Now while I think it’s a great idea I just don’t think i’d be able to do it myself, one of the reasons being the loneliness. I need people around me! Fortunately i’m not the only one who feels like this and the good people over at Tripr decided to create an app that helps connect people on their travels. To read more about the app please read on.

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posted by on 31/07/2015

While paying a visit to Japan late last year, I had the pleasure of meeting those behind Sydney based best paper writing service brand Sokarno. The brand focuses on high quality garments made in limited numbers giving a level of exclusivity to each piece. Amongst a sea of brands attempting to gain attention for out there patterns and cuts, Sokarno creates timeless but modern pieces with its heart in real quality, which starts at the design stage and moves its way into the fabrics and finishes. Even their packaging screams, “you’ve just bought something special!” The latest collection drops on the 1st August and you can see more of it after the cut!

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In Residence: “Rose Uniacke” by Matthew Donaldson

posted by on 29/07/2015

All over the world there are beautiful gems hidden, some more hidden then others, some very personal and private. The home is, in an ideal world, the most personal and private of spaces, a safe and comfortable place. Who knows what beauty lay behind the doors of homes, especially in a city as diverse and rich (not necessarily financially) as London. I can’t help but appreciate the artistry behind the interior design in Rose Uniacke’s home, her supreme attention to detail is a thing of wonder in this 19th century Georgian home, which is full of heart and soul. As if I didn’t already, I’ll now be wondering even more what’s behind the doors of mysterious London homes as I walk the streets. Catch the video after the cut.

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posted by on 28/07/2015

BEWARE – The following video may melt your eyes. You have been warned. Believe it or not, this stunning video was shot by two Audiovisual Media students from Germany for a film project they were set over the semester. Over 14 days they managed to capture this captivating footage, their aim they say, “was to capture the stunning landscape and wildlife to take you on a journey through this magical island.” Mission accomplished. My only problem is having such slow broadband that it’s taken me about an hour to watch, an hour well spent though, you’ve got to watch it in full 4K! Video after the cut.

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posted by on 27/07/2015

I’ve always believed that the human being is more creative when he is at peace with humanity,” says Mr. Brunello Cucinelli, the founder of the brand by the same name. Mr Porter have done a wonderful job of documenting the motivation and inspiration behind the luxury brands artistry, craft and creativity. There is an undeniable philosophy that goes into their design and manufacture which stretches far beyond “fashion”. Check out this short one, after the cut.

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First Converse Chuck Taylor update in 98 years

posted by on 25/07/2015

For the first time in almost a one hundred years, the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars have undergone a redesign. The famous design hasn’t changed dramatically, rather it’s been brought into the 21st century. While I’ve never found the All Star particularly uncomfortable, the main change by its Nike owners is to the technicalities of the shoe which aim to make it more comfortable, in the process they’ll see a slight price increase too. Check out the redesign after the cut.

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JME | 48 Hour Mixtape

posted by on 14/07/2015

JME. A grime legend that has stayed true to the grime community, and flown the flag for Boy Better Know (BBK) for quite some time now. His Twitter feed is brilliant. His work rate is even better. Noisey, in collaboration with Pepsi Max, noticed this and brought JME in to kickstart their 3 part series ‘48 Hour Mixtape‘ Self explanatory, the aim is for the artist in question to work around their city to make a mixtape in 48 hours. Pretty awesome stuff if you ask me, and JME executes his mixtape brilliantly, even bringing in some other local artists to help out. Check the video and mixtape after the cut.

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The Ultimate Travel Essentials | MUJI to Go

posted by on 14/07/2015

MUJI has a ridiculous power over me. In fact, I know plenty of other people who suffer the same fate as me when approaching a MUJI store on your strolls. The fate that you will end up inside that store. Through no choice of your own, you just find yourself wandering inside and buying yourself some pens, a notepad and a small travel bag you’ll likely never use. Saying that, the reason why I can’t resist going inside is because their stuff is amazing. Minimal branding, clean design and super functional. They’ve recently released a whole new batch of travel essentials, showcased in a brilliant short film showing off the items from packing to final destination and how best to use them on your travels. Watch it after the jump.

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New Balance Football | Visaro and Furon Boots

posted by on 14/07/2015

You may not typically associate New Balance with football, but the US footwear manufacturer has been in the sport for a while. In fact, Bryan Robson wore a pair back in the mid-eighties! Struggling to compete with the bigger players in the market, it never quite took off. Nevertheless, the brand has made another entry with their latest Visaro and Furon boots launched by brand ambassador Aaron Ramsey in London last week. The lightweight boots are made for attack-minded players, but differentiated based on style of play. The Visaro boot is made for players who ‘make chances’ (midfielders), with the Furon made for players who ‘take chances’ (attackers). An interesting angle to differ your product range. I got my hands on a pair, and they are made incredibly well. Super light, but with a stable build. If you’re after a new pair of boots and want to try something new, see more on the boots after the cut.

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UniQlo x Lemaire | LifeWear

posted by on 07/07/2015

One of our favourite brands here at Y&Y, UniQlo, has joined forces with French brand Lemaire to offer “timeless elegance to everyday essentials“. The collection is a bit of added confidence to those pieces you can wear everyday that UniQlo has become so well known for. Led by Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, the French brand is gaining a lot of well-deserved attention across the world, building on it’s already respected position in Europe. It really is a great collaboration in our books, and produces pieces that rivals the likes of the sophisticated high-street retailer Cos. Though we can’t see much of the collection just yet, this is one to get excited about. Read more after the jump.

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